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Garage Door Repair Markham

Garage Door Torsion Spring

Want to urgently replace your snapped garage door torsion spring in Markham, Ontario? Call us. When it comes to spring systems and their problems, we provide same day service in Markham. In spite of some small distinctions among residential torsion spring systems, we can service them all. We have experience in all brands and can keep your spring coils flexible and strong. The quick response time of our technicians guarantees that broken springs and serious problems are fixed right away. Trust our Markham Garage Door Repair with any torsion spring issue and expect our fast support.Garage Door Torsion Spring Markham

The importance of torsion spring adjustment

In order to check spring tension, we test the door. It must stay open and not move upwards or slide down. Depending on its behavior, we do the right torsion spring adjustment. Our experts can both release or add tension to fix the problem respectively. The role of springs is to balance the door with precision so that it will be lifted evenly. In order for them to lift it, they must have enough power and so the right choice of springs is also vital. If you want to change the spring system, decide whether you want extension springs or a torsion spring, understand if one torsion spring suffices, and install the new springs, you can come to us.

We replace torsion springs fast

We provide advice and help you find the right spring along with torsion spring repair services. The size and strength of the spring must be equivalent with the weight of your garage door. But garage door torsion spring replacement also requires experience, the right tools, and expertise in spring installation. Rest assured that our pros are certified, insured, and qualified technicians. We can remove broken and non-broken springs with the same attention and install the new ones.

Rely on our fast response when you need broken torsion spring replacement. In such urgent cases, we respond quickly and offer same day spring repair. Our experts will bring the new spring and the service will be done with caution for balanced and safe doors. If you have any problems with your Markham garage door torsion spring, give us a call now.